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Kris & Jody
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"Marriage is not a ritual or an end. It is a long, intricate, intimate dance together."
- Amy Bloom
How We Met
Kris and Jody met at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo CA, where they both attended school. At the time they were merely acquaintances as they were both seriously dating other people and were busy living the college life. After each leaving University and separating from their significant others Kris and Jody moved all over the country until both landing in San Francisco for several years.

They were re-introduced by a mutual acquaintance that was living in Kris’ house and moved into Jody’s apartment. He invited Jody to Kris’ birthday and to go out with the “Colt boys” and all their friends from high school and college. She remembered just who this group of guys was and thought there couldn’t be anything to lose…

Several months later and after a few “accidental dates” Kris and Jody were seriously dating. They both knew pretty quickly that they had met their match and as a couple became a force to be reckoned with. Within the last two years of being together they traveled to Oregon, Seattle, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Yreka, Santa Cruz, New York, Michigan, Boston, Rhode Island, and as individuals have also stayed in Atlanta and Mississippi; they also ran the New York Marathon together, climbed over mountains (not in/through but over…), competed in an Olympic distance triathlon together, and planned their wedding in under 4 months! Now that is impressive!

The Engagement
Kris and Jody had been secretly daydreaming and scheming about a wedding in 2006, when Kris promised that it couldn’t happen until he obtained permission from Bill and Kay and had a ring. After the first of the year, Jody was hoping that all this was in the works behind the scenes until Kris was sent out of state on numerous work trips. When it seemed like the waves of absence had stopped Kris was again asked to go to the East Coast for work for “one week” which turned into two months.

There was also the weather factor; both Kris and Jody are sun children, loving to be outside and soak up the rays on the beach or in the hills or wherever they can get some warmth and play time together. The last month of Kris’ work trip to wonderful Rhode Island, Jody sat idol in San Francisco counting the days while the City reached a new record of over 40 days of rain, held since 1901.

Finally the time had come for Kris to return and the rain hadn’t ceased. Missing him and hoping for their future, Jody was sure that he wasn’t prepared to ask for her hand after remembering the promise he had made.

Kris returned the evening of Wednesday April 12 in the pouring rain, and the two had made plans for the next day to get away to the Napa Valley and Sonoma area for a couple days of relaxation and time together. Despite the incessant rain Kris suggested that, should it let up, they should stop off at their favorite beach hang out across the Golden Gate Bridge on their drive to Sonoma the next day.

Both Kris and Jody had errands to run that Thursday morning and woke up bright and early to get on their way. To their amazement the rain had cleared in the middle of the night to a perfect 70 degree warm, cloudless, and sunny day. They were headed to the beach! After finishing up details in the City Kris and Jody packed up for their get away and drove up to Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands. They popped a bottle of wine and laid on the hillside above the water for several hours just catching up and enjoying their time together….finally!!

Kris was a little fidgety and suggested they take a walk up over the hillside. At the top of the mountain looking out over the pacific with no city or land in sight they talked about their future life together. Were they ready? What would come of all of life’s unanswerable questions? Both giggling and chatting about their excitement in what their future holds together, Kris got down on his knees and said “Let’s not wait any longer, will you marry me?”

In shock and disbelief Jody leapt down to her knees too and was gaping but speechless. After catching her breath and while sitting face to face on the cliff she said yes! They enjoyed an extra special couple of days in the wine-country, soaking up their new engagement.

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Photos by Michael Costa